Welcome to Valleyview Assisted Living
and Memory Care

Facilities in Jordan, Owatonna, and Northfield

When a new resident walks through the door of one of our three assisted living facilities, we want their first impression to be --  “I could feel at home here.”  Floors are carpeted, walls are painted in soft, warm colors, and there are cozy sitting areas throughout. Coffee is available throughout the day and snacks are provided.

Valleyview’s facilities have become known for several amenities that set them apart from other assisted living facilities. All of our buildings have vented, indoor smoking areas, we allow pets for our residents that can care for them, and our nurses draw up and oversee sliding scale insulin administration. In addition, In addition, we contract with Psychiatric Recovery Senior Services, Inc. –they provide a psychotherapist and psychiatric nurse practitioner to do every other week appointments at our facilities.  These services are offered for our residents with anxiety, depression and mental health issues, often associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

All of our facilities are equipped with the WanderGuard security system for people with memory loss. Our residents’ safety is our first priority, followed closely by their physical and emotional care. We are committed to providing the best possible care, delivered with respect, compassion, and the utmost professionalism.